Rules and Policies


Check in and Check out

Check in time is from 1:00 p.m. and check out by 11:00 p.m., regardless of check in time.

♦ Payment

50% of the total amount will be charged in advance (100% if it is only one per day), and may be charged to the credit card (cash) or through a Bradesco bank deposit. For bank deposit the term of payment is 03 business days after blocking the apartment / receiving the data.

The rest of the daily (paid at check in) and other expenses (paid at check out) can be paid in cash, debit or credit cards. We do not accept checks.

If you want to pay in the credit card is possible when the amount exceeds $ 500.00 and for this the anticipation is 100% of the total value of the reservation. We parceled in up to 03 times without interest.

♦ Lodging of Minors

The accommodation of unaccompanied minors from parents is permitted provided that a lodging authorization, expressed by the parents, is duly registered in a notary's office and with a notarized signature or authorization issued by a judicial authority. Child up to 04 years old does not pay lodging. Valid for one child per apartment with at least two paying guests.

It is up to the Legal Officer to ensure that the children do not remain unaccompanied in the hotel's private and common areas, avoiding possible incidents.

♦ Cancellation and Non-attendance

Daily canceled, non-attendance or change of date less than 07 days of check-in will not be entitled to the refund of the amount consigned in any form. Bookings canceled in advance, the amount will be provided as a letter of credit and may be used within a period of up to six months from the date of cancellation.

♦ What is included in your daily rate?

All apartments are equipped with digital tv, air conditioning, minibar, telephone and private bathroom. Parking, breakfast and wi-fi are free services within the booking period.

♦ Parking

The vacancies are free, of rotating use and limited, being available at the time of the guard of the vehicle. The permanence of vehicles after the expiration of the reservation must be authorized by the management or reception.

♦ Breakfast

Our breakfast is included in the daily rates and is served in buffet form daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 am in the Coffee Room next to the Reception. To enjoy the buffet breakfast in cases of early arrival the value is $ 20.00 per person.

♦ Apartment Key

We provide a key per apartment, it must be delivered at the reception (including for cleaning) when you leave your apartment and when you check out. In case of loss, you will be charged $ 20.00.

♦ Voltage

All hotel outlets are 220V, we do not provide transformers for other voltages.

♦ Damage

Any material damage that occurred in the apartment and / or property during the stay will be charged separately according to the expense for repair.

Occupation and Visits

No occupancy is allowed that exceeds the limit of rented apartment beds and in-room visits are prohibited.

Housekeeping and Cleaning

For your comfort we have maid service daily from 10am to 1pm (please inform reception to dispense this service).


We love animals, but regardless of size we can not accommodate them.

♦ To the Smokers

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the apartments, and in any internal areas of the hotel, and you must use the outside area of ​​the hotel for such. If this is not avoided, the sanitation fee will be $ 50.00.

♦ Frigobar

Storage of items purchased outside the hotel is allowed in the apartment's minibar. Consumption is tolerated, but the staining of bed or bath items is subject to an additional charge of R $ 20.00 per piece. The use of the coffee room for food consumption in the afternoon and evening hours is allowed.

♦ Silence

In order to enable a pleasant night's rest, from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., it is considered a quiet time.

♦ Belongings

The hotel does not have a safe, so before leaving your apartment make sure you have locked the windows and closed the door. Goods and valuables left in the premises of the apartment and in common areas are the responsibility of the guest. Common areas are monitored by cameras for safety.

Forgotten objects in the apartments will be communicated to the guests as soon as possible to check the possibility of sending. Otherwise they will be stored for a maximum period of 02 months, being the hotel free to give the destination that it deems convenient after this period.

♦ Final Considerations

1.Reserve to the management the right to veto the lodging to those who do not agree to the hotel. Any guest who improperly acts contrary to this regulation or transgresses legal or moral norms, will be invited to leave the establishment, which should be attended to immediately. People with easily transmitted diseases will not be accepted. The hotel reserves the right to request the evacuation of apartments when it is verified the use by people drunk, for illegal activities, contrary to morals or good manners.

2. In accordance with articles 1,467 and 1,470 of the Brazilian Civil Code of 2002, the hotel reserves the right to retain luggage, jewelry and money held by guests who do not withdraw their respective accounts.

3. The electronic invoice will be issued at check-out, and in the event of a break, unavailability of the site or even in the internet signal, we will send it by e-mail immediately after the reestablishment of the site or internet signal.

4. If you notice anything wrong with your apartment, please contact the reception immediately.

We wish you a great stay!